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The Bakersfield March Meet at Famoso Raceway was the place to be if you love excitement and speed.

What happened?

Nostalgia Funny Cars hit speeds of 239mph plus!

A Funny Car body flew up in the air, when its engine blew.

And Cruz Pedragon was Grand Marshall this year.

Plus, AMH took a ton of pictures of funny cars and the car show.

See them here:

Funny Car Gallery

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What's Hottest?



The name Ed Iskenderian is a legend among racers worldwide. Ed's life history parallels the proverbial success story. He was born in 1921 in the grapevine country of Tulare County, California. His future as a winemaker never materialized because several heavy frosts destroyed the vineyards. These conditions forced the Iskenderian family to move to Los Angeles

Ed Iskenderian

While attending Polytechnic High School in Los Angeles, Ed's pet project was building a Model T Ford roadster. Ed learned the fundamentals of mechanics by working with the Model T Fords and later adapted the overhead conversion by Frontenac (more commonly known as Fronty), as well as the George Riley head known to the racers in those days as the "multi-flathead."

Read the full story here.




Tiki Warrior Nostalgia Funny Car

Special Bonus Gallery

This is a hot and new gallery at AMH from 3/7/09.

Tiki Warrior

Here's the link to our special coverage of this years Bakersfield March Meet

Special Coverage




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